Girls Craft Night In

We are making this Tom Turkey!!
Dee Dee looks like she is about ready to throw in the towel...or throw the turkey.

Fancy girly girl glasses.

A few snacks

Taa Daa!!! We finished all our turkeys.


Girls Only Get Together

Here we are at Presque Isle taking a walk on the beach

Looking for washed up glass

Kathy and Kim in the motel room

Look what we found on the beach, a little shelter of some sort.

You know... I don't really mind people smoking....but do they have to be such pigs?


Neon/Glow in the Dark Party July 25, 2009

The Theme for this years Party was Neon and Glow in the Dark. Be sure to keep scrolling down and click on older posts to view all pictures. I apologize if you did not get in a picture...after it got dark, it was hard to see anyone.

Don't these balloons add a party atmosphere to the stream?
Hoping the rain holds off while setting up for the party

What does Terry have here??? If it's not Beer...then take it back!!!

Keeping with the party theme...neon pound cake.
Keep scrolling down and click on older posts to view all of this years Party Pictures.

A Special Thank You To Jeff and Nancy

We want to thank Jeff and Nancy for providing the Jello Shots for the party. They could not be here, but they were not forgotten. See picture below.

Here we have 3 of Jeffs students eating a Jello Shot...... Jeff....I think they need another instruction on how to do a Jello Shot.

This was taken about one hour before the party was to begin.

Terry Trying To Get A Soggy Fire Burning

Yay!!!! Looks like the fire might stay lit.

Krista trying to dry tables off before party